Sometimes in life, the important thing is not to arrive at your destination, but the path until you get there...

When you receive the news that you have multiple sclerosis (MS) and there is no cure, this is the first step that you have to climb next to who loves us, appreciates us and supports us.

For those who are not here anymore, for those who are here, for those who will be here, for all of them, for all of us…

Let’s follow Pepe and Pablo in their ascent, as well as they support us with this adventure.

The expedition OneStep2 Everest aims to raise funds to help the research of multiple sclerosis (ME). This chronic neurodegenerative disease is the leading cause of non-traumatic disabilities acquired in the young population between 20 to 40 years. MS affects the normal functioning of the central nervous system causing alterations in the physical and cognitive function, which produces a profound impact on the quality of life of those affected, at a time when most of them are in full development of their family and professional life. OneStep2 Everest will donate a large part of the amount received in support of their expedition to GAEM Foundation, dedicated to promoting research into new treatments for Multiple Sclerosis. GAEM Foundation is the first foundation of MS whose main objective is to accelerate the biomedical innovation to ensure that the most effective therapies could reach those that are affected.

What you can give, nourishes our hope. Let's all feel as we are one person, because together we can make a progress in the ascent, in the path of research... Thanks for looking toward the summit.