Hello friends, we are Pepe, Pablo and Ana, we have been friends for twenty years. Experiences, travels, good times, challenges and other stories have always united us, even when work and circumstances of life have separated us. We were separated in the distance but not in our mind, because that is friendship. After many years, and for similar reasons, our paths crossed again and from that moment a new stage in our live has begun, the one that has taken us where we are now. We present you our biography with a personal touch.
We hope you like it.


I am José Alcalde, Pepe, for my closest friends. I am a commercial airline transport pilot, with an experience of more than 15 years operating passenger’s aircraft of medium and long-haul flights.

As far as I can remember, I knew what I wanted to be, that is why my professional career is purely vocational. We do not only see the sky, but we also see the Earth from the clouds, from a bird's eye view, we feel the environment, and the more experience we have, the more we feel part of this sky that welcomes us (it may be that what attracts me to the mountains, because of its similarity). I've been living in places as extravagant as rare: Maldives Islands, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba… and I have tried my best to keep the best memories alive, such as exceptional people who crossed my path, and the biggest and best experiences (which in some cases has not been easy). And I ended up living in Barcelona.

Leonardo da Vinci said "Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." I am a prisoner of my hobbies (or passions). I have flown over the 5 continents, I have seen them from the air; but I also walked through their paths and roads, where I faced some challenges; and “further down", as a diver, sometimes as a professional diving instructor and in most cases as a hobby.


I am Pablo Tornil Blanch, although friends and people around me call me in many other ways, I have many nicknames… maybe because of my personality and what I do or perhaps because I am the first to joke and give nicknames to everybody… When I was a kid I dreamed of designing and building a high tower where I could live with my family, friends, etc. That is why I ended up being an architect. I also believe that another reason is that there were always construction plans in our house, as well as projects, mock-ups and other items related to the real estate sector. Since I was a kid I was influenced by that world and nowadays I make a living with it. I also am an athletic person; I try to practice every sport and at the highest level. I am an adventurer; I like to fill the bag with lots of good moments and experiences. I am a dynamic person; I like to learn new things every day and I never stop. But above all I am an entrepreneur and dreamy person; without fear to get involved in new projects and be able to adapt myself to new circumstances, always dreaming about the goal I have in mind.

I am one of those who think that being an architect is much more than being an architect because it is the profession of dreams and hope to build and to give shape to the illusions of people. Sometimes it is not necessary to design the plans of a very high tower and build it to feel like a real architect, perhaps it is enough to design, build and bring a project to reality; a challenge that enriches yourself so you can help a lot of people.


Ana Torrado, that's me, a cheerful and optimistic person, a friend of my friends, a protective mommy but a risk-taker at the same time. I always wanted to be a doctor, I think it was an intuition that I was going to spend part of my life from hospital to hospital, but not as a professional, but as a patient. My first university studies were as an Elementary teacher because I love children, their essence, their absence of judgments, their lifestyle, I find it fascinating.

Then life took me through the entrepreneurial path, working in an insurance company where I carried out different tasks over 18 years. At the age of 27 years, while I was teaching a sales’ course, I began to lose vision in one eye, and 24 hours later I had lost vision completely. I will never forget the first doctor who assisted me in the emergency room, who said, - Ana, we have two suspicions, either you have a tumour that is pressing your optic nerve, either you are suffering an optic neuritis, and that would lead us to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

A year later, the diagnosis was confirmed, Multiple Sclerosis, and there it began my climbing, my challenge in this life, to remain Ana Torrado, overcoming the fears, daring to live in the way that my body, my mind and my spirit allow me... and it is fantastic... because you can always enjoy this wonderful experience that is life.

​Currently, I am 44years old, my Multiple Sclerosis has allowed me to enjoy the sensation of feeling the rain on the skin, after discovering in an outbreak what it is when someone touches your hand, and you do not feel it...

It has allowed me to see the colours and their energy, after not being able to see, it is amazing to value the great human capacity...

It has allowed me to feel the people, as they are, from their essence, without judgment, because no one knows how others suffer from inside...

So my fight with the disease has become a part of me, rather than being angry, I accept it, rather than miss what I can live, I enjoy the most of it... Currently, I have suffered two injuries at the cervical spinal cord level, and it means that the disability increases. But I'm not sad, I am happy to have friends like Pepe and Pablo, who with their effort, understanding, empathy and motivation, are going to do their bit, to contribute with their challenge a new research support, to move toward the healing.

Speaking of challenges… A year and a half ago we decided with Pablo, for reasons almost motivational (we could call it like that), to prepare us physically and mentally to climb the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro. For a couple of months, we were training, focused on this challenge, as we did not have any prior experience. We have never tried to climb a mountain of similar characteristics, actually, to where we had arrived both of us was to Montserrat; after completing this challenge, we experienced a series of new sensations: simplification, peace, inner strength... This led us to expand new challenges and we decided to go to the mountaineering, achieving some summits where the challenge was more technical than physical, and we even reached the Montblanc. Now, our new project is planned for spring 2018: to reach the summit of Mount Everest, for which we are preparing ourselves at all levels; physical, technical and mentally.

The three of us believe that a challenge is not met if you cannot take a step further, and it is to the people who can echo it. We want and we need the company of all those people whose every-day life is a challenge, because we also want them to know that we understand every difficulty, and for them, the most important part of our challenge is to transmit, to send them all the strength and energy that we can, overcoming every difficulty that we find on our way to achieving a symbiosis in the journey of life.

For all these reasons, to them and to all the people who made this experience possible, thank you, THANK YOU from the heart.

Together we make the team