Solidarity challenge ONE STEP2 EVERest

This adventure begins on 17thJune 2016, when two friends met again due to circumstances of life; circumstances that make us stagger, which make us ask ourselves how we live this gift that is life, as on this trip we have time for everything and at that moment we felt that our plans for the future were cut short, you see everything as a mist, in a dimension that you do not control and you think: I need to recover the illusion, the strength, to believe in myself again. It was time to consider a different challenge, out of our comfort zone, something that will help us improve ourselves, an energy boost at the highest level that strengthens us and make us believe in ourselves again.

And there we are Pepe and Pablo, allowing the force that we all have inside to surface again.

At that time I suggested to Pepe to go on a trip, travelling to Africa and get lost in its landscapes, its colours, its culture, trying to connect again with ourselves. In addition, I suggested him a challenge completely different from what we were used to, something new for us and that means to be prepared physically and mentally, climbing Kilimanjaro (5900m), the highest mountain in Africa. I was convinced that we would live an experience that would enrich us as individuals and that we would come back with more energy and confidence. We had never climbed a mountain; we weren’t familiarized with mountaineering, so climbing Kilimanjaro as the first mountain proved to be a challenge to take into consideration. The experience was a success, we achieved the challenge arriving at its peak and not only that, we were also surprised of our overcoming ability. There is no doubt that the adventure marked a before and an after. We came back with confidence, self-esteem and strength to realize that when we get our inner strength, we can overcome any problem; we understood that ATTITUDE is everything and that any "mountain" can be overcome.

When we returned from the trip and with the motivation of that moment, we reached some other peaks, which were more modest but each one had its peculiarity, with its beauty, etc. to end crowning Europe's highest mountain, the Montblanc (4820m).

In the latest adventures, climbing, trips, etc. we have always had the support of Ana Torrado, a friend and a key piece in the project of climbing the Everest. She has been the one who encouraged us to take the first step toward this challenge, by changing the initial approach and transforming it into the real goal. Ana has been suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) for 17 years and has fought and continues fighting with so much energy that makes her shine. Her strength, her attitude and her vigour to live makes her an example to be followed. She has always been interested by our adventures, not because she wanted to make each challenge, but because the mere preparation of the challenge, the details of the planning, the struggle to carry them out, the illusion of a project of these characteristics is almost as important or even more than to crown a mountain’s top. Sometimes in this life, the important thing is not to arrive at your destination, but the path you take to reach it and this is where we complement each other.

The main base of our solidarity challenge ONE STEP2 EVERest is to help people around us to understand the difficulties that sometimes appear on our path, and the importance of giving a vote of confidence to the persons who cannot reach, help them in order to find the means to achieve their goals. By carrying our conviction as a flag to the highest part of the world, and from there to shout: I trust in you! That is why we want to get up there, not only for ourselves but also for those who climb with us and help us with our flag.

Life is balance, is support, is trust… trust in yourself and those around you, life motivates you to carry out your projects.

When we are climbing Mount Everest, and the forces begin to fail, when the legs begin to weigh too much or the cold is unbearable… we will remember and think about the people who put their trust in us, those who supported this challenge… and thanks to them, we will continue taking one more step and another and another... and so on up to meet our goal. This will be our support and our strength.


Let's go!